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Corporate Coaching

Our signature Drum Circle this year featured 500 people reaching the power of unity and synchronicity 

How it works

Sabrine El Hossamy follows a 3-step process in rhythm coaching that guarantees a smooth flow throughout the session. The process begins with first breaking down the barriers allowing participants to relate to one another and to bridge the professional, functional and personal gaps that may exist in the organization. Participants readily become involved in the drumming, turning the tables from the expected environment of ‘spectator’ / ‘performer’ to an interactive environment where the lines between the spectator and the performer become merged. Collaboration and teamwork become evident as the group moves from disharmony to harmony. The next step centers around aligning the group; as the group starts to play to one common beat, the concept of alignment is replicated to a common purpose, mission, vision and values. And so, an emphasis is made on the unified whole, the shared ‘pulse’ or ‘beat’ of the company. The third and final step is exploring the diversity within the group. Through the drum beats, the diversity within the group is recongnized and appreciated allowing different members of the group to showcase their uniqueness and individuality and exploring how individual talents and skills can be combined to deliver a harmonious, synergistic result. The analogy within the corporate context is the recognition of each individual’s unique contribution to the organization’s goals. 


Who is it for?

  • Companies, organizations, and related professionals.

  • Affiliated groups where members are from the same organization.

  • People interested in building or re-building a business.

  • Individuals who are ready to accomplish big visions/goals.

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Benefits of Coaching Circles

  • Enjoy a non-judgmental listening environment.

  • Network with successful and like-minded people.

  • Peers share focused feedback, materials and support.

  • Attain your biggest goals - and be held accountable.

  • Accelerate team-effectiveness and leadership skills.

  • Increase productivity & morale


We offer a range of programs all focused on getting your team to work together with excitement, challenge and creativity. We use the power of rhythm and drums to bring out the co-operative spirit in your team members.
Program can be tailored to meet needs of:

  • Emerging Leaders – the next exciting step!

  • Young Entrepreneurs – keep focused & think deeply!

  • Executives – We’re all on the same page!

  • Start Ups – new beginnings & where to start!

  • Home Based Business – Getting out there.

We also offer percussions with all corporate events.

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We have worked with a diverse and wide range of clients over the past 10 years tailoring the drum circles to suit the objective of each corporate client and session in size and duration. Among which are Lox, Drosos Foundation, Shell Oil & Gas, Nestle, Etisalat, Universal Media , Magna Media, Azza Fahmy, Tamweel Egypt, La Roche Pharmaceutical, Mountain View and many others. 

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